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Negotiation Session Worksheet

Summary of Win-Win Negotiation Steps 

I. Identify the issues clearly:
     A. Clarify your concerns, needs, and goals before bringing up issues to be negotiated.
     B. List what you anticipate to be the major areas of disagreement, including any red-flag issues that you         know will inflame your partner.
     C. State the problem in neutral, descriptive language without blame and without including a solution.
II. Identify the needs, concerns, or fears represented in the position taken.
    A. List common interests, common goals, and areas of agreement.
    B. Prioritize needs
III. Information gathering and data collection:
    A. Get accurate values, appraisals, and information on issues under discussion.
    B. When you disagree, use an outside expert (e.g., accountant, appraiser, psychologist).
IV. Search for solutions:
    A. Brainstorm possible solutions; create a variety of ideas before making any decisions.
    B.  Consider all ideas openly and don’t prejudge; check off the most promising options.
    C. Develop proposals that address the concerns of both parties.
V. Bargaining and negotiating:
     A. Find compromises, make trade-offs, come up with ways to “sweeten the pie,” and work to find ways to        come to an agreement.
VI. Reaching an agreement
     A.Give yourself time to think about the agreement.
     B.Put decisions or agreements in writing, with specifics of implementation (i.e., how, when, who will do          what).





 1. Describe the problem in neutral language:

2. List your needs and concerns; then prioritize them:
3. List your spouse’s needs and concerns:
4. What are your common goals and areas of agreement?
5. What are each person’s major anxieties or fears?
6. Brainstorm all possible options (check off the most promising):
7. List several proposals:
8. Final decisions:
9. Plan for implementation (how, when, who will be responsible for what; be specific):


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